Countless Numbers, Count less Numbers


Countless numbers.
„My thesis is only 23 pages. I need another 37 to be finished by the end of the month!“
„I only get 25 days of vacation per year“
„He’s already 20 minutes late“

„I cannot eat that, I’ve already had 2000 calories“
„I’m turning 30“
„Ugh, it’s 2:30. I’ll only get 4 more hours of sleep.“

I repeat:
Countless numbers.

And I say:
Count less numbers.

Because, after all – the greatest gifts in our lives, our emotions and sensations, can not be measured in digits.
How much joy do you feel?
Could you please hand me five clarities? A dozen faiths?
How many centimeters is your confidence? How old is your sense of creativity?

Sure, we can count years of life.

We can count gestures of love.
Sure, we can count joyful moments.

But we cannot count joy. And does not joyful mean full of joy?
I try to think of this in a visual way. Why would we want to count grains of sand in a container, that is full of sand. We will not be able to put in more grains if it is full already.
It is full. It is there. Complete. Whole in itself. It is one.

And therefore I say: the only „number“ that counts is: 1
And „1“ means: whole, an entirety, a state of completeness. 1 holds all the ciphers. 1 is a universe.

I repeat:
Count less numbers.
Because – you know what is really amazing? We do not need to be ‚genius’. We can all count to 1.