Inhaling India


Harmony, Freedom, Grounding and Space Openness are the intentions I make during the fire ceremony on January 14.
A couple of days later, I learn that 
On the outside we are restricted, on the inside there is total freedom.
We have total freedom of how we act and react in situations”

And over the next weeks, I internalize. I observe myself and from time to time notice how I am growing into harmony, freedom, openness and lightness.
Unity. Joy. I am starting to more and more grow towards my true nature.  “Joy is our true nature.“
And I feel. I feel and I see so much clarity in everything. Whatever there is, whatever sensation I perceive, whatever feeling I experience, I know it is there for a reason. A companion on my path.

In India, every move I make, every step I take, I take on bare feet.
My bare feet, they feel light and free.
They are rooted, close to the Earth, grounded, knowing where they come from and where they belong.
And just like my bare feet, I feel light and free.
Connected with my true nature.

Back in Europe, my bare feet are covered. Covered in shoes and socks (sometimes even layers of them).
And like socks and shoes we put on insecurities, doubts, expectations. Cover ourselves in expectations and obligations.
And then – we feel out of place, paralyzed and unruly, disconnected from our true nature.


I want to remind myself that
It is already there. Everything is already there.
Was and will be. Unconditional, natural.
There is joy and patience. Acceptance and lightness. Compassion and clarity. Peacefulness. Total freedom.

And I want to remind myself that
It is already there. Everything is already there.
Within me.

And whatever it is that might make me feel disconnected, paralyzed, insecure or doubtful,
Is only layers that have been applied from the outside.
They are not my true nature and therefore can unhesitatingly be removed and left behind.


India had me see everything so clearly.
I saw myself clearly, living my true nature and I came to a state of loving myself.
I saw my passion and my path clearly and I knew walking this path is the only way.
I want to keep reminding myself of this lightness, this clarity I had in India.

I know it is all there. Always. Within me. And I shall not feel
paralyzed, unruly, doubtful and disconnected
joyful and patient. Accepting and light. Compassionate and peaceful.
Present and kind. Humble and free.

AtlasEva Burdackenglish