Harmonizing, Resonating in Goa


It is 5:17 am and I am lying in my bed. In my room beneath the jungle and above the sea. I have been awake for a while. Roosters are crowing in the nearby backyards. I can hear the distant white noise of waves crashing. And I think of white sea spray and sand that has become heavy and damp over the night. I think of the dark sky slowly turning pale blue and grey as the dawn awakes it. I think of the town‘s narrow main street that feels so busy at daytimes, yet so empty by night. I think of silence that is filled by subtle and delicate noises. Someone walking on dry clay soil. A running faucet, somewhere –I think of all these sounds and shades and scents coming together in a universal composition. Somehow irregular, unrhythmical.And steadily soothing at the same time. Harmonizing. Resonating.And with my eyes closed, I know it is all there - always.

AtlasEva Burdackenglish